Saturday, July 31, 2010

Who are you?

Life is not always how we want it to be, and its shape needs to be forged around influences we cannot control. I have made mention that I am in Norway awaiting a Visa. I have been hoping for a work visa…no dice. UDI does not recognize personal training as a profession under their strict guidelines. I would need a guarantee of 100% work. Trainers don’t get that when they start, they work for it. Now I am protected from expulsion (or leaving voluntarily) with a family reunification visa. This is wonderful and awful, I can’t work for the six months to a year that it will take to process this Visa (unless the lawyer can push it through faster), but I get to be here with my amazing wife. It is these moments in life that define people. Do I slip into depression and become useless, or do I use this gift of time to build a business and help people. The choice is evident.

I have a plan and I am going to act on it. I have time to learn and work and I am going to use it. There is no sense in hanging out for six months, I would start to resent this wonderful country and be unbearable to live with. I know who I am and how I react to depression. I brood and act like a little bitch. Who wants to be that? No one! This is a moment when I can choose who I am going to be and how I am going to act.

People coast through life and get put out when small little things happen, a shirt gets ruined, the car gets a scratch, little mild mannered Timmy hits little Bobby and gets in trouble at school (What will the other parents think?!) . These events need perspective. Your shirt gets ruined; buy a new shirt and stop bitching. The car gets a scratch; who cares, it’s a car, life continues and no one cares that there is a barely perceptible line on your car. Mild mannered Timmy hits Bobby; If Timmy actually hit Bobby it probably means that he is sticking up to Bobby, This is a positive thing, who cares if the school sent you a strongly worded letter. They weren’t doing a damn thing to keep Bobby from running rampant anyway. These aren’t issues, The same way that this visa thing isn’t that big of an issue. It is what you make it, how you perceive it. I choose to turn this inconvenience into something positive. Does this mean I like it? No! I will make the best of it though, and that is a very important part of life. Who do you want to be? How will events define you? How do you want to live your life? It is up to you, and well within your ability to take control.

Stay strong in all things.

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