Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Do What is Necessary:

There are times In everyone’s life when they feel overwhelmed and unable to cope with the prodigious stress of living. In fact this is so common that there are thousands upon thousands of self-help books, psychologists, psychiatrists, psychoanalysts, therapists, gurus, shamans and religions based around alleviating this seemingly insurmountable burden. The common message among those groups is; “ It is not your fault, what can “you” do, you are only one person, the only way you can fix this is by eliminating/adding specific external influences”. I call bullshit. Where is the accountability? Where is the responsibility? Where is the determination to change your situation?

People that blame the world or others for their problems in life are the type on individuals that will never succeed at anything and will be mediocre until they die. Do I believe that some things are beyond our abilities to influence? Yes I do. However when that penny sized meteorite rips on through my leg I can be happy knowing there was nothing I could do to stop it. If I am in a situation that I do not want to be in I give it my all to change that situation. Right now I am In Norway, waiting for their broken system to grant me a visa, I can’t work, I have no rights, and if I leave the country they will deny my reentry. Do I sit around all day getting bored and resentful? Only in the beginning, then I remembered that they only way I would be happy is if I took charge of my situation, so that’s what I did. I started putting together business ideas and training a group of fantastic young men. I didn’t blame the world and bemoan my fate. I decide what “I” want to do, not what other people want me to do, want “I” want. I only have one life, you only have one life, don’t waste it blaming the world for problems that you entered into.

Use your energy to fix your problems. If you are in a job you dislike take the time, and the energy you are using bitching about your situation and expend that energy on finding a job you like. Same thing for relationships, if you are surrounded by people that are bad for you, leave them, create a life that is full of people that are good for you. What do you say “that’s unrealistic”, “it isn’t that easy, I have responsibility’s”. Sure, you could keep making excuses, or you could take responsibility for your life and sit down to plan a course of action that makes your dream life a reality. The only person stopping you, is you. Don’t be lazy, be accountable, be driven, and be smart. You will get where you want to be.

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