Saturday, January 8, 2011

Back home, Killer workout for you!

I am back in Norway! I have a visa and I have started working in a gym again (for the cash money)! It is nice to spend time around new and interesting people, and it is nice to be away from the house, Getting up at 0’dark thirty is not so nice, I’m going to have to get rid of that over the next couple of years. Being back also means training, and training hard. You might have noticed but I like to train outside the gym a bit more than I like to be inside, but when I spend all my time rebuilding my client base I can’t get outside as much as I like to. This means that I adapt my outside workouts to fit the indoors. Try this quick and nasty workout if you are looking for something to blow up your back and shoulders, or if you are tired of doing everything in a straight line (very few things in life happen in straight lines)

~Dynamic Warmup

1a)Push Press (Bar or Heavy Sandbag): 5x5 (I realize this is a straight line)

2a) Pullups: lots

This is the work out right here, use a squat rack and “DO WORK SON”, climb all around that damn thing and do different grip , hands at different height, walking pullup, one arm (or one arm assisted), one hand rope one hand bar, and ballistic pullups. Try for 3-5 each variation, walk your way from one side of the rack to the other, then take a break, keep breaks around 30sec-1 min. I recommend 15-20 minutes of different pulls.

3a) Double Kettlebell swings: 3 L&R x10

3b) Pushups (a hard variation): 3x20

3c) 1 Handed Overhead Sandbag Walks: 3x150ft keep the weight in the palm of your hand straight over your head, switch arms at 75ft. I used a 55lb SB.

Do the 3's as a circuit, go hard and take a 45sec rest at the end of the round.

This workout will make you tired and I can tell you first hand that your back, shoulders, and triceps will be toast the next day!

Enjoy! Post if you have any questions.

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