Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Badass atheltic physique and ability

I am working out in a powerlifting and strongman gym right now; Ganddal AK. It is a bad-ass place full of men that are strong as bears. These guys are directed, honorable and refuse failure or normal ‘safe’ mentalaty. Being in this gym is a huge blessing. There is one thing that is missing though, I don’t blame these guys for it, I do know that it could help them out in the long run. This simple effective and often overlooked training tool is bodyweight (BW).

I know what some may be thinking; “Don’t skinny little dudes use body weight because they can’t lift heavy things”, to a very small extent yes, I challenge those dudes questioning this to drop a comment and go through one of my workouts. For the rest of you, here’s what’s up;

Pushups and pull-ups are pretty standard BW movements, they are also super important! You use pushing and pulling motions in every aspect of life you should be good at them! The unfortunate truth is that most people have no idea how to use their body; they don’t have the athleticism, the strength or the will. Watch a person at your gym do pushups, are their knees and lower back sagging? Is their body a “(“ rather than a “|”, are their elbows all over the place like some wind milling spastic? I am betting that most people you watch will be doing them wrong, the core needs to be tight, the knees locked, elbows in. When was the last time you saw anyone banging out solid pushups? Pushup variations? How about hand walking? In wheelbarrows or handstand walking? Ballistic jumping? Pull-up variations? Ballistic core work? You don’t see this stuff anymore! Working on bodyweight training can greatly enhance your athleticism, strength and mental toughness. It is also cool as hell! Everyone wants to be the gymnast at the Olympics ( don’t lie to yourself, you want that ability, that power and grace, and if you don’t I have no idea why you are here reading ). What if you had 25% of that ability? You would be one hell of a bad-ass. More importantly your body would respond to your demands, it goes from minivan to performance vehicle.

I will be getting a new site soon, and I will introduce you to these methods of training, and show you where you can use them. Until then start thinking about the athletic movements that you have always wanted to do but have been too weak to accomplish, now start thinking about the chance to get where you have always wanted to be: Strong, fast, athletic and lean. I will help you get there; you just need the will and the yearning to learn. Until then here is a crazy picture of Marcus Bondi.

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