Thursday, August 5, 2010

What happened to being a man?

Our society has reached the point where the majority of kids would rather sit at home on their doughy asses then go outside and run around. I know that this bodes ill for the cushion industry, but it also spells disaster for our youth. This actually goes beyond youth! I know many males who grew up with nice easy going fathers who weren’t bad by any means, but they certainly weren’t “MEN” in the old school definition of the word. These guys were chill and soft and nice, and they raised kids who had no idea what masculinity really was. These males (they have a penis, so I have to be true to gender) are searching for some form of identity, some way of rationalizing who they are versus who they want to be.

The modern male is told that who he wants to be is wrong. Being masculine is an outdated form of sexisim! Are those 1950’s values you are talking about? You know they used to beat their wives, right? Why do you have to be a man? Can’t you just get in touch with the inner you and be happy?

Let me debunk these silly little thoughts starting with domestic violence. Guys who beat there wife should have their arms broken (preferably by said wife) and all their assets should be given to their wife and family. That negates the 1950’s mentality. As for masculinity, it is not sexism, it is being who you are and who you want to be, and being strong in that. You can be a rugged, strong, take no shit from fools sort of dude without stepping on anyone’s toes. If you are a real man you don’t need to get up in people’s faces or throw your weight around. As to getting in touch with the inner you; Self-actualization is cool, constantly praising your ineffectual life isn’t, how will that make you happy. Gain confidence, have pride in who you are and what you stand for.

The young males of today have no direction. Their role models for life are sucking down Prozac and sitting on ride on mowers to cut their .1 acre lawns. Main stream Physicality is stuck in gyms and confined to fat dudes doing crunches on BOSU balls, while their personal trainer praises them for their ‘effort’. That is the template the boys of today are following; Soft dudes with no idea how to strive for a damn thing. Is this the world we want for kids? Because that is the world people are giving them.

I refuse to participate in this emasculating trend. Kids need to play and get bruises and explore. Men need to be strong, directed and passionate. If you want to find out how to do that; stay tuned.

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